"May You Drink From The Saucer"
Jac Arbour
Timeless TruthsFor AnExtraordinary Life

"Fulfillment is not achieved by getting everything you want.
It is achieved by appreciating everything you have."

Jac's Books

Impactful Concepts and Habits

The personal-development and self-improvement field is a virtual ocean brimming with great ideas and sound advice, but who has the time to wade through it all? With the desire to share his findings, author Jac Arbour explored and distilled this extensive body of information — he filtered it through his own experiences with success and his relationships with highly successful people to extract the most potent drops. May You Drink from the Saucer presents the most impactful concepts and habits that have delivered results for successful people throughout history and across pursuits.

Keynote Speaking

Customized Speeches

Jac will always customize his keynote for your school, college, company or organization. In preparation for an address to your school or group, Jac will research the needs and opportunities of his audience. He will spend time with students and faculty, employees, and company leaders to discuss the goals and challenges currently facing your attendees. With a dedicated level of professionalism, Jac delivers more than content in the form of a speech; he delivers a message that is both memorable and sure to accelerate the rate at which achievement is met.

Philanthropic Mission

Enhancing Opportunity

ProCeeds Press is dedicated to providing opportunities to people with big dreams and big hearts, who have the desire, the drive, and the wherewithal to turn such dreams into realities. ProCeeds Press donates 10% of all profits to charities that support healthy lifestyles of children and young adolesceents, and individuals who desire to establish and operate their own businesses. The ultimate goal and vision for Proceeds Press is to donate 100% of profits to charity and to the start up of businesses by young, entrepreneurially-spirited individuals who have a passion for philanthropy.