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The personal-development and self-improvement field is a virtual ocean brimming with great ideas and sound advice, but who has the time to wade through it all? With the desire to share his findings, author Jac Arbour explored and distilled this extensive body of information — he filtered it through his own experiences with success and his relationships with highly successful people to extract the most potent drops. “May You Drink from the Saucer” presents the most impactful concepts and habits that have delivered results for successful people throughout history and across pursuits. 

At age twenty-one, Jac Arbour met a world-class entrepreneur who forever changed his way of thinking. After numerous conversations that touched on just about everything — family, achievement, happiness, success, significance, and more — Arbour’s new confidante gave him a life-changing instruction: seek out people who can serve as mentors. “If you do this in your life,” he promised, “your cup overflow.”

Arbour began to channel his natural zeal for learning toward finding more golden drops in the vast ocean of ideas and strategies. He devoured insightful books and, following his new mentor’s advice, surrounded himself with people more knowledgeable than himself in many important arenas: relationship building, philanthropic giving, wealth creation, life philosophy, business strategy, and networking and interpersonal connections. The pieces of wisdom he acquired are nothing less than timeless truths — ever-workable principles of success that lead to lives of
meaning and fulfillment.

"May You Drink From The Saucer:
Timeless Truth's for An Extraordinary Life"


“May You Drink from the Saucer” is uniquely practical, because it ties these timeless truths to detailed exercises that put them to work in your life. Inside this book, you will learn:

  • Steps to uncover your passion and purpose

  • The four most impactful aspects of the inner you

  • Five simple steps to reach any goal

  • A gaping pothole on your road to success and how to avoid it

  • A practical formula for adding a balance to your life

  • A one-minute exercise to improve your mood

  • Three ways to cultivate the mindset that leads to happiness

  • How to make a friend of “failure”

  • The crystal ball we each possess

  • A practical way to break the habit of procrastination

  • C.H.A.T., a four-step device to deepen any relationship

  • How to “buy time”

“May You Drink from the Saucer” is your starting point for a life overflowing with learning, growth, and fulfilled dreams! These timeless truths and practical ways to apply them will serve you right away and for the rest of your life.

"This Little Piggy:
The Tale of the Four Slotted Piggy Bank"

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